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baby crawlingAnyone who is already a parent realises that as soon as baby is old enough to crawl, apparently usually about eight months old, they will be getting in to everything and anything! With a baby on the way, we have all this to come and whilst there are some resources available to new parents to prepare them for this “adventurous stage” it is always best to be proactive and childproof the home before you are too sleep deprived to or there is an incident. Whether your parents, grandparents, child-minders or simply have friends’ kids coming and going from your house it is a safe bet that you may need to childproof your home – especially the electrics.


I’ve covered some advice in this blog for ensuring your electrics are as child-friendly as they can possibly be. However, it is always best to keep the little ones away from electrics anyway but these should help as a guide, just in case.

First things first – plugs and electric sockets. This may seem obvious, however, all to often there are terrible accidents where children poke fingers, toys and other things into outlets with awful consequences. You may have heard of the simple plastic socket covers you can buy from Mothercare or John Lewis. These are ideal.

plug socket covertamper resistant recepticles


Even better, tamper resistant receptacles – these are basically where the outlet receptacle looks like the holes have been covered over with plastic. In fact, these are spring-loaded shutters and they close off the holes. The only time these shutters will open is if they are pushed at precisely the same time (by you plugging something into the outlet). Since children often can’t or won’t push into both openings at once its unlikely they would be able to poke anything into the outlet.


Next up, wires! These can be a big hazard – especially if they’re hanging out over the sides of low tables with heavy lamps or objects attached. Try and hide your wires away out of sight and reach of little hands – cable tidies are ideal but remember, don’t run leads or wires underneath rugs or carpets because you will not be able to see if they become damaged and that presents a big safety hazard.

Cable Tidyspiral_wrap


Extension leads/power strips can be another problem, let’s face it, they are at a kids’ level often on the ground nearby where they are playing. If you are not using all the outlets in the power strip/extension lead they present a shock hazard to the baby and even if they are all being used the child can easily unplug anything themselves. More safety issues! If you have plugs and electrics coming out your ears it may be worth getting more wall sockets and plugs fitted. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Frayed wires or scorched plugs – there is definitely a problem for children and anyone in the home – call us on 0207 1187737 to take a look and ensure you’re putting safety first.

baby smile

Hope these tips are helpful and your homes are even more child-friendly with this advice.

Electric Danger Signs in the Home

After seeing countless posts on Facebook this month of pictures of sockets falling out the walls, hanging by a wire, frayed electrics and lots of potential fire hazards we felt it is our duty to advise you of electrical danger signs in your home or business. These pictures highlight to us many people are ignoring small signs, which actually often point to a bigger problem. They are waiting until it is very serious and they are putting themselves and others at risk.


At Prestige Electrics Ltd we serve a number of premises in our local community, be it people’s homes, landlord’s properties, shops, restaurants or offices. We want to ensure all homes and businesses are safe of the risk of electrical fire or electric shock. This blog post will look at some of the major danger signs for electrics.


Please note, this list is not exhaustive and although these are danger signs, without being called out to look at your electrics we cannot accurately diagnose the problem. When in doubt please see the expert! However, we hope this blog is a useful guide so you know what to look out for.


Dimming, flickering or blinking lights.

Perhaps the most common complaint. This is often seen in older homes with older wiring. Do your lights dim down when you plug in your iron for example? This is usually because the original electrical system was designed when less electrical appliances were in use – it didn’t account for microwaves, blenders, computers and TVs. We need to ensure the electrics are wired and functioning properly because you could overload the circuit and damage the wiring.




You can expect additional circuits to be added in and potential rewiring required, reducing the load on each circuit and accounting for high load items.

Flickering lights that are actually appearing to come on and off by themselves, are usually symptoms of a loose connection that can actually be serious. The connection could be loose anywhere along the circuit. You need to call an electrician to come out and see to this immediately. Here is our emergency call out number: 0800 999 7737


Shocking switches.

We would hope people realise switches and outlets are not meant to give electric shocks! Do your switches or outlet give you a sharp but small electric shock when you remove a device? We can safely assume that the switch or outlet has a problem. At times this sign actually means that there is a wire in the circuit shorting out to the conduit enclosing the wires. Again, this is a serious problem and you need to call us out to have a look.


Discolouration or charring around switches and plugs.

This doesn’t just look bad, this is in-fact another serious danger sign. Loose connections or faulty wiring can produce sparking, which causes a short-lived mini-fire that chars or discolours your outlet.


Perhaps the most apparent danger sign is the smell of burning.

It is difficult to identify an electric burning smell but it is often describes as acrid. Electrical fires that catch other materials on fire will have a very different smell though. If you can smell an acrid burning smell (with no other signs of fire) call out an emergency electrician. Remember, never use water on an electrical fire – only use the correct type of fire extinguisher. If you cannot put it out with the fire extinguisher, call 999 and evacuate.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Obviously, it is always best to avoid a potentially fatal situation. Look out for these danger signs and give us a call before things are serious.


Stay safe everyone and have a great week

What are RCDs and are you compliant?

A kitchen rewire that has RCD protection by Prestige Electrics Ltd

This summer we are offering a fantastic deal for you – ditch your fuse box for 20% off installation of a 17th edition consumer unit with RCD protection. Sounds good right? It is! But you may be wondering, what is RCD and why do I need one? We’re here to enlighten you.

image3RCDs or a residual-current device (RCD) is a safety-focused device. They are also known as ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), ground fault interrupter (GFI) or Safety Switches abroad.

An RCD disconnects a circuit automatically, and fast, if there is a problem or fault such as that the electric current running down an unintended path (the wrong wire or electricity conducting through a person!) In technical terms it will disconnect a circuit if it detects the electric current isn’t balanced between the energised (line) conductor(s) and the return (neutral) conductor.

As RCDs cut off electricity automatically and very quickly, they protect against the risk of electric shock and fires caused by earth faults. They reduce the risk of serious injury and death by a huge amount and also reduce the risks of fires.

This is the reason why since 2008 nearly all circuits in new or rewired homes have to include RCD to meet the UK standard for safety.

These are the main types of RCDs:

Fixed RCDs

This type of RCD gives the best level of protection as it protects all the wiring and the sockets on a circuit, and any connected appliances. Fixed RCDs are installed in the fusebox.

Socket-Outlet RCDs

These can be used in place of a standard socket-outlet because they are essentially special socket-outlets with an RCD built into them. These provide protection only to the person in contact with equipment.

Portable RCDs

This type plugs into any standard socket-outlet. An appliance can then be plugged into the RCD. They provide protection only to the person in contact with the equipment, including its lead, plugged into the portable RCD. Manufacturers recommend that portable RCDs are tested after every use.


Just because you have an RCD doesn’t mean you don’t still need to be careful. Remember; an RCD cannot protect against overheating or fire risk due to over-current (overload) or short circuits if the fault does not lead to current leakage. This is the reason why RCDs are often integrated as a single product along with some kind of circuit breaker, such as a fuse or miniature circuit breaker (MCB), which adds protection in the event of excessive current in the circuit (RCBO, “RCD w/ over-current protection”).


Call us on 0207 1187737 to take up our limited 20% offer.


If you already have RCDs that is great news just remember you should test all fixed and socket RCDs about every three months. Contact us to sort out your testing and ensure you are complying with standards.

You should also be getting your wiring checked at least once every 10-years to ensure the safety of everyone in your home.

Any other questions – just give us a call or drop an email and we would be delighted to help. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful weather!

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Tips For Keeping Energy Costs Down


Down lighters we converted

With the recent Brexit vote and the state of the economy constantly in the news, you may be worried about all the uncertainty ahead. It is amazing how even small things can add up and cost you money.

Whether you are a business looking to keep costs down or a homeowner keeping an eye out for money saving tips – there is something here for you. See below for our top five tips for keeping energy costs down:


  1. Ensure all your appliances and equipment are turned off when not in use. We see it time and time again where photocopiers, computers, printers and phone chargers are left turned on at the plug when the business is closed. This still costs you money. This stands for hairdryers and straighteners in the home too. It is also advisable not to leave equipment on “stand-by” mode – make sure you turn machines off completely.


  1. Have you thought about your lighting choices and whether these are costing you more than they need to? Think about low energy compact fluorescent lights or LED lights if you are using halogen at the moment.  If in doubt, we can perform an analysis to help you make the best decision for your budget and lighting needs.


  1. Another energy saving tip, though perhaps not the most popular, is turning your thermostat down a degree or two and to put on a jumper! The difference in temperature is minimal and comfort level shouldn’t be affected or noticeable, but you can save a lot by doing this one small thing.


  1. Probably one of the most important tips is to monitor what you are using. Energy monitors are devices that help you discover how much energy you are using and how much it’s costing.


  1. Compare prices for your energy providerhttp://bit.ly/2aJriZf

You should also take this a step further and ensure you are using the best suppliers for repairs and works. Whether it is your boiler servicing, your plumbing or of course, your electric works. We offer the best electricians’ services at a competitive price, so save our number to your phone book – 0207 1187737


We hope you find these tips useful. If you do want an audit of your current electrical set-up, including lighting, to see if it could be made more cost efficient, don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out more: 0207 1187737


Happy savings!

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Electrical services

If you know us, you are probably one of our many loyal customers who have been with us from the get go. Thank-you! For those who don’t, Prestige Electrics have been around for over 14-years and offer electrical services to commercial and domestic clients in London and the surrounding areas.
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As you can see, we have now joined the digital blogging world. Watch this space for electrics tips, DIY hacks, advice and news from the industry. We will post here twice a month, usually around the 5th and the 27th of each month.

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If the Brexit vote caught you by surprise and perhaps you are a bit worried about the impact on the economy and business, we have got “tips on saving energy costs for your business” coming up next month for you, so keep your eyes peeled!


Thank-you and have a great week.


Electrical Circuit

A really simple electrical circuit may consist of a power source (such as a battery), two connecting wires and a light bulb. One of the wires would be connected to one side of the battery and one side of the bulb, the other wire would be connected to the other side.

If the connections are made correctly then the current will flow. The circuit is then deemed to be closed. The light bulb should then light up. To make the bulb light, the current flows from the power source down one wire to the light bulb. It then flows from the light bulb on the other wire back to the power source. If the wires are discconnected, the current cant flow. The circuit is then said to be open or broken. Usually a circuit is opened by a device such as a switch, fuse or circuit breaker.

The two main classifications for circuits are series and parallel. A series circuit consists of two or more elements connected end to end (one after another) so that the current flows through each element in turn before returning to the power source. A parallel ciruit consists of elements next to each other but not chained together. The current flow is divided amongst them all.

When two circuit components are connected in series, their effective resistance (impedance if the circuit is being fed alternating current) is equal to the sum of the separate resistances; the current is the same in each component throughout the circuit. When circuit components are connected in parallel, the total resistance is less than that of the element having the least resistance, and the total current is equal to the sum of the currents in the individual branches. A battery-powered circuit is an example of a direct-current circuit; the voltages and currents are constant in magnitude and do not vary with time. In alternating-current circuits, the voltage and current periodically switch direction with time.

A normal electrical outlet provides alternating current. Electrical machinery aswell as lighting ciruits both employ alternating currents.

Many other devices, including computer systems, radios, and television sets, must first convert the alternating current to direct current. That is done by a special internal circuit usually called a power supply.

A digital circuit is a special kind of electronic circuit used in computers and various other devices.

Magnetic circuits are analogous to electric circuits, where magnetic materials are regarded as conductors of magnetic flux. Magnetic circuits can be part of an electric circuit; a transformer is an example.

If you are having troubles with your electricity circuits then call the emergency electrician hackney

Easicheck 2- Experience the new phase in emergency lighting test

With the introduction of the system of Easicheck automatic test, has become extremely easy. Advanced technology like the spur wiring capability,

web access to the historical test data and touch screen interface has brought revolution in the easiness of the. Easicheck 2 is designed in order to test the emergency lighting in the most straightforward way along with involving the least cost possible that will be incurred by the building manager.

With the help of this new system, one can easily and continuously monitor the lamp, control gear facility and battery along with the programmable test regimes. These further help the emergency electrician Islington to abide by the existing regulatory requirements.

Easicheck 2 in the uses the simple and twisted pair of wiring, which offers the users a higher integrity solution. This in turn gears up the automatic testing of nearly 200 emergency luminaires which are in either a loop with spurs or in a loop configuration.

The Easicheck 2 is built in with the auto learn facility which automatically scans the data in the loop and sends each luminaire a specific address number. This address number corresponds to the position on the loop. However, if in case more luminaires are added to the system later, then you can either instruct it to allocate to whichever is the next available address or to carry out a totally new automatic learn sequence. This can help stop emergency callouts and reduces the need for our Emergency electrician southgate.

The first option will however get allocated to a new address but without any alteration to the existing addresses. While with the second option, the auto learn sequence leads to the re-establishment of the consecutive address on the respective loop.

The Easicheck 2 has developed a touch screen of 120mm x 90mm along with the facility if the Qwerty Keypad. This Qwerty keypad helps one in quick and easy data entry where you can program the system with the help of independent 16 test groups. This further lets you accommodate many different test times or test commands in the various parts of the building it is being used.

Emergency electrician hackney is the best option when it comes to be used in the large installations. You can use nearly 63 panels of Easicheck 2 together in the same network through the twisted pair, fibre optic links or the TCP/IP. This will enable one to monitor a maximum of 12,600 luminaires in one go.

Easicheck 2 can even be with tungsten, LED and fluorescent luminaires. So, with the Easicheck 2 it has become possible and extremely easy to do the emergency lighting test. Further being the latest development in the emergency lighting is gaining popularity owing to its easiness and hence the name. Easicheck 2 is perfect when it comes to managing the emergency lighting test without any failure and fault.

Our Electrician islington or our electrician hackney is more than happy to help with fitting this.

Increasing Demand for Emergency Electricians

We all are well informed about the importance of undertaking of emergency electrician Islington or emergency electrician Barnet in restoring the power or the repair performed.

There is no denying that electrician performing emergency electrical services must be prompt in deciding the condition and also must be experienced as well as trained enough to do those repairs successfully.

It is not necessary to squander your precious time looking local classifieds offering least possibilities; instead taking services of a number of recruitment firms spread will help you in hiring a reliable an emergency electrician in no time.

Many electrical organizations offer emergency electrical services to cater to commercial and residential needs. Emergency electrician Hackney or emergency electrician Southgate is must to have in al types of electrical power trade so that the track of fluctuations or any kind of disturbance can be kept in the distribution or transmission of power.

Even a small problem can cause a big trouble so it is highly important that it is addressed right always with the help of an experience electrician. It is anticipated that anyone in look for job of emergency electrician possesses practical knowledge in repairing and servicing of various electrical power panels, breakers, fuses, motors and switches.

Most of the employment agencies offering emergency electrician services have online web pages where entry about the place where service is needed can be filled any time. The fastest way to get the services in no time is by putting an advertisement on the web page in which all the conditions and what is required to be done must be clearly mentioned. One needs to be precise and sure about the perform kind and place as well so that a specialized and talented emergency electrician can get to the place easily and quickly.

Since one never knows when some electrical complications can take place, organizations offering services of emergency electricians offer round the clock services to tackle any such unwanted situation. One can easily search for emergency electrician Hackney, emergency electrician Southgate or say any other location.

According to a survey conducted by RICS (the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), there has been tremendous increase in need of services of electricians and plumbers. More and more electricians can be called upon to perform complex work due to the installing of green fixtures by homeowners in the houses.

According to Deputy Director of the National Energy Foundation, all types of industries are asking the workers to perform green jobs. According to him, the installation of Photovoltaic panes is on high and electricians are offering the more swanky control systems which are must to operate intricate systems at the greatest efficiency. These changes offer a great saving to home owners that is why they are in huge demand and so are the electricians who are expert in installing these control systems.

Considering all these latest trends, it has become highly important that emergency electrician as well as electrician attend some course so that they remain updated about these latest affairs.

Emergency Electrician Islington and Hackney

If anyone needs help regarding electricity issues in North London they can immediately call to Electrician Islington. This is the subject line that “in the need Electrician Islington and Electrician Hackney are there”. They are local company or organisation providing range of services in field of electronics, electronics products and services all over North London.

They deal in all types of electricity services such as fault finding, lightening problems, light replacements, application of additional sockets, designing and their installation, electric wiring and heating, fuse repairing and much more. The Organisation provides qualified, skilled, educated, knowledgeable, degree holder labour other than non-skilled. Proper qualification is defined for their admission to the post of electrician. There is minimum qualification defined to become electrician under Electrician Islington and Electrician Hackney. In the same manner Electrician Hackney has been there to solve any query related concerned with electricity East London.
They are local firm with special features such as provide 100% guarantee on all work done by them so this covers all the risk associated with the post effect of repair. Provide insurance coverage in case miss fault or default by them. Fully specialised and trained electricians available all the technical problems. There most of offices and electricians are situated in local so no problem of delay on the part of service and electrician. All calls are entertained very efficiently throughout day by technical people. Provide service to all type of consumers whether, household, commercial and industrial.
Increasing demand of emergency electrician Hackney or emergency electrician Barnet or emergency electrician Islington is due to increase in electricity issues. It is very important the electrician which is emergency electrician services should be well trained, experienced and practicable to the problem. This helps in correct diagnose of the problem and prompt action to that. Emergency electrician Hackney and electrician Southgate should always be there to solve the problem of fluctuation in electricity and their distribution. So these problems should be immediately addressed by experienced personnel to get correct solution because no problem is big or small.
To exploit the increasing demand of electrical services companies are providing the facility of online registration of complaints by just going through the sites. This is the fastest way to get resolved problems within no time efficiently. Thus, number of other companies are doing advertisements through websites and offering number of facilities at a go only. Government have published the report of increase in cases of electricity and increase demand of electrician. This helps the companies operating to exploit the needs of customer. Against that customers are also benefited with efficient electricians are available at competitive prices.

Importance of an emergency electrician in your locality

When you have a power cut, it is very important to get back the power in the least time possible. When such a situation arises, you should be aware of all the electricians in your area and their contacts.

This research cannot be done when your power is at stake. This requires prior planning and it is never too early to get all this information. This is a very important planning that you should do which will consume a bit of time.

You will have to find out about the emergency electrician in Stoke Newington and who is the closest to your house. Once you know this, you should also know about the reputation that each of them hold in the market. This can be done with the help of your neighbors, peers or even the internet. Once the search is done, you should note down the information of the emergency electrician in Islington and save it on your phone for the emergency day.

While you are selecting the electrician Barnet, there are a few things, which you have to look into. The first thing is the promptness that they show. The first quality that they should have is the quick assessment of the problem. If your electrician takes an hour to know what the problem is, how would he know the solution to it? This also includes the equipment that the emergency electrician Southgate brings along with him for the repair. The electrician should have all the experience is handling the basic repair problems that are recurrent like transformers, generator problems, short circuits, switches, etc.

There are electrician Southgate companies as well as electrician Islington working as free lancers. You should know whom you would want to call. Calling an emergency electrician in Hackney from a company is a better option as you can trust the experience that the company has in repairing the problems. It is also useful if the electrician stoke Newington is not performing his job properly as you will have an authority to complain to the company. However, you cannot complain to anyone about a free lancer.

Most of these companies have a website through which people can contact them. You just have to search the internet for the emergency electrician Islington in your locality and you will get the list. You have to make a booking on the website and the emergency electrician in Broadway Market will be sent to you. A faster method is to make a call to the company and state the urgency of the situation.

The emergency electrician Hackney with much more experienced have more demand in the industry of electricity supply. The electricity industry is not a joke and deals with thousands of volts of electricity. This industry needs emergency electrician Barnet to check if the electricity is distributed in the right amounts to all the places as assigned. If any problems occur, it is very crucial for them to repair it in a matter of minutes. Delays could lead to fatal accidents. It is mandatory for such places to have an electrician Hackney all around the clock