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Easicheck 2- Experience the new phase in emergency lighting test

With the introduction of the system of Easicheck automatic test, has become extremely easy. Advanced technology like the spur wiring capability,

web access to the historical test data and touch screen interface has brought revolution in the easiness of the. Easicheck 2 is designed in order to test the emergency lighting in the most straightforward way along with involving the least cost possible that will be incurred by the building manager.

With the help of this new system, one can easily and continuously monitor the lamp, control gear facility and battery along with the programmable test regimes. These further help the emergency electrician Islington to abide by the existing regulatory requirements.

Easicheck 2 in the uses the simple and twisted pair of wiring, which offers the users a higher integrity solution. This in turn gears up the automatic testing of nearly 200 emergency luminaires which are in either a loop with spurs or in a loop configuration.

The Easicheck 2 is built in with the auto learn facility which automatically scans the data in the loop and sends each luminaire a specific address number. This address number corresponds to the position on the loop. However, if in case more luminaires are added to the system later, then you can either instruct it to allocate to whichever is the next available address or to carry out a totally new automatic learn sequence. This can help stop emergency callouts and reduces the need for our Emergency electrician southgate.

The first option will however get allocated to a new address but without any alteration to the existing addresses. While with the second option, the auto learn sequence leads to the re-establishment of the consecutive address on the respective loop.

The Easicheck 2 has developed a touch screen of 120mm x 90mm along with the facility if the Qwerty Keypad. This Qwerty keypad helps one in quick and easy data entry where you can program the system with the help of independent 16 test groups. This further lets you accommodate many different test times or test commands in the various parts of the building it is being used.

Emergency electrician hackney is the best option when it comes to be used in the large installations. You can use nearly 63 panels of Easicheck 2 together in the same network through the twisted pair, fibre optic links or the TCP/IP. This will enable one to monitor a maximum of 12,600 luminaires in one go.

Easicheck 2 can even be with tungsten, LED and fluorescent luminaires. So, with the Easicheck 2 it has become possible and extremely easy to do the emergency lighting test. Further being the latest development in the emergency lighting is gaining popularity owing to its easiness and hence the name. Easicheck 2 is perfect when it comes to managing the emergency lighting test without any failure and fault.

Our Electrician islington or our electrician hackney is more than happy to help with fitting this.

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