Electric Danger Signs in the Home

After seeing countless posts on Facebook this month of pictures of sockets falling out the walls, hanging by a wire, frayed electrics and lots of potential fire hazards we felt it is our duty to advise you of electrical danger signs in your home or business. These pictures highlight to us many people are ignoring small signs, which actually often point to a bigger problem. They are waiting until it is very serious and they are putting themselves and others at risk.


At Prestige Electrics Ltd we serve a number of premises in our local community, be it people’s homes, landlord’s properties, shops, restaurants or offices. We want to ensure all homes and businesses are safe of the risk of electrical fire or electric shock. This blog post will look at some of the major danger signs for electrics.


Please note, this list is not exhaustive and although these are danger signs, without being called out to look at your electrics we cannot accurately diagnose the problem. When in doubt please see the expert! However, we hope this blog is a useful guide so you know what to look out for.


Dimming, flickering or blinking lights.

Perhaps the most common complaint. This is often seen in older homes with older wiring. Do your lights dim down when you plug in your iron for example? This is usually because the original electrical system was designed when less electrical appliances were in use – it didn’t account for microwaves, blenders, computers and TVs. We need to ensure the electrics are wired and functioning properly because you could overload the circuit and damage the wiring.




You can expect additional circuits to be added in and potential rewiring required, reducing the load on each circuit and accounting for high load items.

Flickering lights that are actually appearing to come on and off by themselves, are usually symptoms of a loose connection that can actually be serious. The connection could be loose anywhere along the circuit. You need to call an electrician to come out and see to this immediately. Here is our emergency call out number: 0800 999 7737


Shocking switches.

We would hope people realise switches and outlets are not meant to give electric shocks! Do your switches or outlet give you a sharp but small electric shock when you remove a device? We can safely assume that the switch or outlet has a problem. At times this sign actually means that there is a wire in the circuit shorting out to the conduit enclosing the wires. Again, this is a serious problem and you need to call us out to have a look.


Discolouration or charring around switches and plugs.

This doesn’t just look bad, this is in-fact another serious danger sign. Loose connections or faulty wiring can produce sparking, which causes a short-lived mini-fire that chars or discolours your outlet.


Perhaps the most apparent danger sign is the smell of burning.

It is difficult to identify an electric burning smell but it is often describes as acrid. Electrical fires that catch other materials on fire will have a very different smell though. If you can smell an acrid burning smell (with no other signs of fire) call out an emergency electrician. Remember, never use water on an electrical fire – only use the correct type of fire extinguisher. If you cannot put it out with the fire extinguisher, call 999 and evacuate.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Obviously, it is always best to avoid a potentially fatal situation. Look out for these danger signs and give us a call before things are serious.


Stay safe everyone and have a great week

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